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The latest events and activities being held at Grindleton Pavilion


Regular Activities

There are things going on for all ages at the Pavilion. These are shown below. If you want to start a new activity group or enquire about booking the Pavilion for your own private event, click here

For contact details for the organisers of these events please download our weekly diary which has all the details Click here.


Main Hall

Ribble Valley Breast friends & Breast Friends Tai Chi.

1pm-3pm weekly. 1st Monday of the month 7pm. Contact AlisonWaller.

 alison@ribblevalleybreastfriends.org.uk 07890 685 932    http://www.ribblevalleybreastfriends.org.uk/

Mindful Movement.  Contemporary Movement with Yoga Flow.

  6.00pm-7.15pm.  Contact Suzanne Astley.  suzanneastley@hotmail.com

Meeting Room
Fly Tying 

7pm – 9pm.  2nd and 4th Mondays.  (November to March).  Contact Nick Millward 01200 441 346.



Main Hall
Grindletots (Parents/Guardians & Toddlers)

9.15am-11.15 weekly.

Contact:Amber Preston 07825 917 155.


Ribblesdale Camera Club.

7.30pm – 9.30pm weekly (September-May) Contact: sec@ribblesdalecameraclub.org.uk http://ribblesdalecameraclub.org.uk/

Meeting Room
Local History Group

Monthly. 2nd Tuesday 7.30pm. Contact: Tony Cann.  tony.cann@cannco.co.uk



Main Hall
Tai Chi with Janet

10.45am-11.45am. weekly.

Contact: Janet Murray scrubbers2001@aol.com

Short Mat Bowling and Social chat.  1.30pm-3.30pm.

Contact: Jeff Marsall 01200 440 157

Meeting Room
Beekeepering Classes

Ad hoc courses 7pm.  Contact: Janet Murray scrubbers2001@aol.com



Main Hall

Mindful Movement. Contemporary Movement with Yogic Flow.

9.15am-10.30am. Contact Suzanne Astley. suzanneastley@hotmail.com

Pavilion Lunch 

12-12.30pm. 1st Thursday of the Month.  Contact The Pavilion: 07805 714 217



 7.30pm-10pm 2nd Thursday of the Month. Contact: AnnConnell.


Meeting Room
Craft ‘n’ Chat  

7.30pm-9.30pm weekly (except 2nd Thursday in the month).

Contact Annette Dunn.


07891 979 789

Calligraphy with Norman.

7.30pm – 9.30pm 1st and 3rd Thursday in the Month.

Contact Norman Kelly 01200 441 320



Main Hall
Pilates with Janet.

  9.20am and 10.30am start.  Contact: Janet Bolton. 07743 432 612.


Children’s Friday Club

3.30pm- 5pm .Children’s After School Club with Emma.

Contact:Emma Clarke 01200 440 262


Film Club


3rd Friday in the Month.

Contact Mike Bazley.


Meeting Room


Main Hall

Grindleton Football Club.

Saturday afternoon, football season only.


Tribal Belly Dancing

Ad hoc basis.  Contact: Mandy Brennan


Meeting Room


Main Hall
Ad hoc children’s parties
Ad hoc adult parties

Meeting Room

Changing rooms
Grindleton Cricket Club (May to August)

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